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In this viral trend review I will reveal to you all that you need to know about viral trend in 2021. I will show you the process of registration, withdrawal, and also show you if viral trend is legit or not.

What Is Viral Trend?

Viral trend is a Nigeria platform that reward its member for performing simple tasks online.

Some of the online task includes:watching youtube videos, subscribing to youtube channels, Instagram like and follow, twitter tweet, Facebook like, etc.

Task verification process on this platform is automated as you are required to link your social media account to the website. No need of screenshot or proof of job done like majority of websites do.

How It Works

Let me quickly show you how viral trend works before I show you the process of registration and withdrawals. There are 2 ways to earn money on this website.

  • Perform task
  • Referrals

You need to perform task on this website before you can earn money. Task like watching youtube videos, subscribing to youtube channels, Instagram like and follow, twitter tweet, Facebook like, etc.

The price for each tasks ranges from N3-N6. You need to be very active on this website to earn substantial amount of money from it. After you complete a task, you need to go back to the website every one hour to complete more task.

Second way of earning money on this platform is through referrals. For every person you refer, you earn 30%-50% of the sign up bonus depending on the plan you sign up with.

I sign up with a premium plan, so I earn 50% commission from the plan amount my referrals sign up with. So if you are good in referring people, you will earn lots of money from this platform.

However, let me point out my displeasure with the referral system of this website before you sign up with them. As I said before, their verification process is automated(either task verification or payment verification).

If you refer people to this website with your link and such people do not make payment immediately after registration, you will not earn the referral commission even if the person later makes payment. I think their referral system is a cheat.

So if you are referring someone to the website, let the person know that he or she needs to make payment immediately he registered with your referral link.

How To Register

  • To sign up, click HERE
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Click on “Get started”
  • Input your username
  • Enter the password you want to use

After this process, a verification email will be sent to you, check your promotion/spam folder to verify your email address.

Click on “get paid by performing tasks” and choose a plan you want and click on “Next”. Basic plan is N500 while Premium plan is N1,500.

viral trend plans

Click on “pay with rave” and input your card details or pay through bank transfer.

If you select “pay with bank transfer”, the account details you will pay to will be given to you. After payment, click on “I’ve made payment” and you should be redirected to your dashboard.

When you get to your dashboard, click on profile and do the following:

  • Input your bank account details
  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Go back to your dashboard to complete tasks
  • Refer others

How to withdraw from viraltrend

The process of withdrawal on viral trend is very simple and easy. Kindly note that the minimum withdrawal amount is N5,000 and a withdrawal fee of 7.5% is charged on every withdrawals you make on the platform.

From your drop down menu, click on wallet and input the amount you want to withdraw.

viral trend withdrawal

Note that even though the withdrawal amount is N5,000 your balance need to cover the withdrawal fees before you can make withdrawals. That means you must have (N5,000+7.5% fee)=N5,375.

This video will better assist you in understanding how viral trend works.

Viral Trend App

As at the time of writing this viral trend review, viral trend does not have an app for both android users and ios users on the google play store and app store respectively.

Is Viral Trend Legit?

Well, from what I’ve seen so far, I can say that the website is legit. It has been in existence to a while and is paying it members, myself included.


In conclusion, you can make money online in Nigeria with viral trend if you are ready to perform task and refer others. Although their referral system does not work as I would normally expect, which is a bit of a disadvantage in my opinion.

If you want to register with viral trend, click HERE

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