Best 7 Untapped Business Ideas In Nigeria 2022


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These best 7 untapped business ideas in Nigeria will make anybody that ventures into it lots of money in 2021. These are hot, lucrative, fast-moving, small-scale businesses in Nigeria with small capital.

However, your success with these best 7 untapped business ideas is dependent on how much work you are willing to put into it.

Many people are looking into starting a business of their own but what has held them back is procrastination. What held some people back is a lack of money, while some lack of an idea of what exactly to start.

Always remember, that money should be the last reason you have for not starting your own business. To have a business of your own all start with an IDEA. When you have a good marketable idea that’s well written with convincing details, people will buy into the idea.

Top Best 7 Untapped Business Ideas In Nigeria

I could go ahead to list over 100 untapped business ideas in Nigeria for you and it might look too confusing. So, I decided to only give you the top best 7 untapped business ideas in Nigeria that will get you started on time.

recycling business

Recycling business

This business is a very good way of making money offline especially when you are broke. All it requires is access to an area that is filled with lots of waste materials.​

Furthermore, this is a job that can get your hands dirty but it can as well give you quick money. There are different materials you can recycle like plastic bottles, plastic bags, soft drinks cans, cartons, metals, etc.​

After collecting a large number of any of this waste material, take it to places where they buy them. Each of these materials is weighed differently and comes with a different price per kg. The price ranges from N20 naira per kg to N50 naira per kg.​


Snail farming

This is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria with small capital that is yet untapped or fully untapped. Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people and the majority of these people love to eat snails but Snail isn’t available in the majority of our restaurants.​

Moreover, It cost little or no money to start a snail farming business. Snails lay around 100 to 400 eggs per time depending on their species. Snail lay eggs between 1 to 6 times per year depending on the type of species you rear.​

The food snail eat does not cost much, food like banana peels, cooked yam, cooked cassava, cooked cocoyam, corn, rice brown, etc.​


Laundry business

This is lucrative if only you find a lucrative environment for it. An environment with students of higher institutions, an environment with high-middle class workers that can afford it.​

Additionally, the requirements for starting a good laundry business are soap, iron, starch, table, generator, and a good location. Do a very good job and deliver on time.​


Event ushering

Nigerians don’t joke with events. Wedding ceremony, a celebration of newborn baby, burial, party, commissioning of homes, etc. Every Nigerian tribe spends lots of money on events and this is an area to look into. You can start a business supplying ushers to these events.​

Ushers are needed to direct people to where they can sit. They also help in the serving and distribution of foods and drinks. You can make lots of money from each usher you supply to an event. All they need is to look good, dress well and wear a smiling face.​

car wash

Car wash

This business is very lucrative no matter the time of the season. People with cars need a place close to their homes where they can wash their cars at a low cost.​

Setting up a car wash business is a way to make lots of money in Nigeria. I live in a place very close to Festac in Lagos and I witness on daily bases the number of cars washed daily.​

Additionally, washing of cars ranges from N500-N1000 naira depending on how you want your car to be washed (exterior only or exterior with interior). To start a car wash business you need a good location with enough water, pressure machine, soap, brush, sponge, etc.​


Home tutorial

The home tutorial is a very good business idea in Nigeria for students. If you are a graduate or even an undergraduate, you can venture into home tutorial business and make lots of money for yourself.​

Besides, you can do a home tutoring business for students like yourself in school at the higher institution level or for students around your home at the primary or secondary school level.​

The requirement needed to succeed in this business is your proficiency in any given subject you want to teach and connect with people that matter. Students or parents that are willing to pay well for the education of their children. N5,000 to N10,000 per child for a month.​


Home cleaning services

Finally, the home cleaning business is also a very good business idea in Nigeria with small capital. You don’t need much money to start. The requirements are broom, brush, detergent, and water. You need to get about 10 houses to make lots of money monthly.​

The payment ranges from N7,000-N15,000 per house depending on the environment where the house is located. You only go for cleaning 3 times a week and 12 times a month.​


In conclusion, the above-listed untapped business ideas in Nigeria are the top best 7 business ideas in Nigeria. This business can make you quick money in Nigeria if you are willing to put in the work required.

If you will need more details about any of the above-listed untapped business ideas in Nigeria. You can ask your questions in the comment section below.
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