Naira Workers Review | Is Naira Workers Legit?


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This naira workers review will answer all your questions about naira workers and also reveal to you reasons why it is a legit website.

One of the new Nigeria website that is gaining lots of popularity is “naira workers”(nairaworkers). The reason for its popularity is the higher amount of money its freelancing users earn for doing micro jobs in comparison with other related website.

naira workers earnings

Additionally, this website receives money from advertisers in Naira and pay its freelancing users in Naira to their Nigeria bank account.

You will agree with me that one of the difficulties Nigerians face with online jobs is the means of receiving their earnings which is mostly paypal(Nigeria paypal account can only send money out but can’t receive money).

What is Naira Workers?

Naira workers(Nairaworkers) is a freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing website that connect employers with freelancers(workers) from all over Nigeria.

naira workers

Majority of the jobs done on naira workers are micro jobs where workers are required to write articles, download apps, test websites, do social media promotion, watch youtube videos, subscribe to youtube channels, do data entry jobs, take surveys, write reviews, follow on social media, etc.

So as business owner, you can use this platform to promote your content, get people to install your apps, subscribe to your youtube channel, follow you on social media, etc.

How To Sign Up

After all that had been said above, your next question will be how then do I register on naira workers. The process of registration is very easy, just follow the steps below.

  • Sign up here
  • Input your first and last name
  • Enter your username
  • Choose your gender
  • Email address
  • Type your password

naira workers sign up

After you click on the sign up button, an activation code will be sent to the email you registered with. Input the activation code as shown below and you can start to make money online in Nigeria with naira workers.

naira workers activation code

If you register with the link on this website, you will earn N500 sign up bonus. So, kindly do well by signing up using this link HERE.

naira workers referral bonus

How To Earn From Naira Workers

There are two ways to earn money on naira workers:

  • By completing simple task
  • Referrals

The first and simplest way to earn on naira workers is by completing micro jobs online like writing articles, downloading apps, testing websites, taking surveys, writing reviews, following on social media, etc.

Second way of earning on naira workers is by referring others. Naira workers reward people that refer others to their website through a unique link generated for each user.

For every Employers you refer, you will be rewarded with 5% for each deposit he/she makes. Also, for each task members in your downline finish, you will earn 5% for life.

Is This Website Legit?

YES. The minimum withdrawal on the naira workers website is N2,000 and I have made my first withdrawal.

To be very honest with you, majority of the money I made on the website came from referral earnings. I’ve referred over 100 people to the website and 5% of all their earning comes to me.

As at the time I made my first withdrawal, I’ve perform about 12 tasks which generated around N400 for me. In a couple of days, I’ll be making my second withdrawal from naira workers.

So, to answer your question as to whether naira workers is legit, I’ll like to inform you that naira workers is legit.

The only disadvantage is that there are not much jobs on the website to keep us busy all day long. I believe with time more jobs will be added as people are getting to know about naira workers.

Naira Workers Withdrawal Proof

The process and proof of my withdrawals are shown in this video.

Naira workers withdrawal proof

Naira Workers App

As at the time of writing this naira workers review, naira workers does not have an app in the google play store for android phones or app store for ios phones.


In conclusion, if you are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria for free as a student, then naira workers is one of the website to go. Also bear in mind that, naira workers is a very legit website to work from home in Nigeria.

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Thank you.

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