Owodaily Review: 10 Ways To Make Money With Owodaily


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This owodaily review will answer all your questions about owodaily. Questions like owodaily login, is owodaily legit, real or scam, owodaily app, related sites like owodaily, etc.

What is Owodaily?

Owodaily is a freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing website that connect advertisers or employers with freelancers or workers that can assist in performing micro-jobs.

These micro jobs include subscribing to youtube channels, social media following, liking and commenting, installing apps, writing reviews, etc.

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Owodaily was founded in 2015 with the goal that all Nigerians should be able to make money online with digital jobs. This platform had already paid out over an N40million naira to its members.

How To Register On Owodaily

To register on owodaily, follow the steps below.

  • Click HERE to register
  • Fill your details in the form
  • Select the means of payment you want (cryptocurrency, owodaily gift card, flutter wave)
  • Make payment(N3,000) and click on I’ve made payment (you will be redirected to your dashboard)

owodaily registration

10 Ways To Make Money With Owodaily

  1. Performing tasks: To earn on owodaily, you have to perform small tasks like Twitter like and retweet, social media followers, install app, write reviews, answer survey questions, etc.
  2. Direct referral registration commission: Another way to earn is through the registration commission(N1,600) gotten from people you refer to owodaily.
  3. Indirect referral registration commission: You will also earn money(N200) from every person your referrals refer to the platform.
  4. Deposit commission from referrals: If the person you refer works as an advertiser or employer, you earn 3% of his first deposit to owodaily.
  5. Task commission from referrals: You will earn 3% of all the jobs done by your referrals for life.
  6. Viral topic: If your village post goes viral, you will be rewarded with cash prizes as determined by owodaily. Just tweet the post to owodaily on tweeter and you’ll receive your reward.
  7. New post/comment: When your post or comment reaches a total of 350 posts or comments, you graduate from a villager to an Elder. The same happens for graduation from Elder to Chief and from Chief to King. Remember that all these ranks come with a cash reward.
  8. Post share: If you share a post on one social media platform, you earn 5 points. You need to share it on 3 different social medial platforms to get 15 points maximum per post.
  9. Partnership: Partner with owodaily to get an exclusive right to become owodaily gift card distributor in your area. As a partner, you will be given discount on the gift card which will make you lots of money.
  10. Brand deals: This is also available for partners only. You will get an exclusive right to all of their brand deals which come with lots of cash as well.

Owodaily Review: Is Owodaily Legit?

Yes, owodaily is real.

I’m currently a member of owodaily and so far since I’ve registered till this moment of writing this owodaily review, owodaily has kept to their words. The minimum withdrawal on owodaily is N5,000 naira.

From the ways of earning listed above, decide on where to focus on and start making money from owodaily today.

The disadvantage of Registering with Owodaily

The only disadvantage I’ve noticed so far on owodaily is that there are not enough tasks to perform on the platform to keep us busy all day long.

However, owodaily updates its platform regularly whenever advertisers have a new task to give to freelancers. Always make sure that you visit the website regularly so as not to miss out on new tasks.

Owodaily Review: Owodaily App

Owodaily recently launch its app and is available on the google play store. So, if you’ll prefer to use an app instead of a browser, then, go and download their app from the google play store.

Remember to register with this link first, before you proceed to download the app. Using my referral link to register is a way of saying thank you to me for revealing this information to you in this owodaily review. It comes with no additional cost to you.

Sites Like Owodaily

There are several other sites that do exactly what owodaily is doing but you can’t make money in multiple ways as you have on owodaily.

Click here to read an article I wrote about a website like owodaily that is free to register with.

Also, click here to know about another site like owodaily, this isn’t free to register.

Owodaily Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Owodaily is a legitimate website where Nigerians and other citizens of some few other countries listed on owodaily can register and make money online doing small jobs.

Even though there are not enough tasks to do on owodaily to keep you busy all day long, there are some other ways of earning on the platform. These other ways can get you busy all day long while earning cash prizes in return.

Remember to sign up on owodaily using the link on this post.

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