Top 5 Online Money Making Sites In Nigeria


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Are you in search of online money-making sites in Nigeria that are legit and trustworthy?

Well, in this article I’ll show you my top 5 websites to make monthly income in Nigeria. These are websites that provide online jobs that pay daily. The amount you make will be heavily dependent on the available jobs and the number of jobs done by you.

However, let me point out that these websites won’t get you rich quickly. Also, there are not enough jobs to do all through the day on the website. Jobs are added and updated daily depending on the number of advertisers that need workers.

Furthermore, the type of job you’ll be engaged in on these websites is micro-jobs. Jobs like youtube subscribe, social follow and like, video watch, etc. The first three sites I will mention are completely free to register, whereas, the last two sites require you to buy a one-time package to access the platforms.

5 online money-making sites in Nigeria

To be able to make a monthly income from Theses sites, you need to register on all 5 websites. This will get you busy and get you more tasks which will make you more money.

1. Picoworkers

You can make money online with picoworkers in Nigeria for free. However, the method of withdrawal is through PayPal and cryptocurrency. So, if you’ve got a PayPal account that receives money here in Nigeria or a crypto wallet, then this is for you. You earn and get paid in USD.

Some of the micro jobs you’ll be engaged with our Facebook like Twitter like and comment, youtube subscription, app installation, Gmail signup, etc. Payment for each job ranges from $0.03 to $4

With picoworkers you are guaranteed of making your first $100 in a matter of days if you are committed to performing the tasks on the platform.

To register on picoworkers is absolutely free.

2. Rapidworkers

This website works exactly like picoworkers and you earn and get paid in USD. There are lots of tasks available on this website and it pays more money than picoworkers for some tasks. You can get paid anything from $0.03 to $5.

Twitter like and comments, youtube subscriptions, app installation, and so on are some of the tasks you have to do to get paid. Individuals from every part of the world are accepted on this platform.

As a Nigerian, you can make money on rapid workers if you have a PayPal account and are ready to perform small tasks.

Registration on rapidworkers is free.

3. Nairaworkers

This is a Nigeria website that pays directly to your Nigeria bank account. You don’t need a PayPal account or cryptocurrency wallet to get paid. Payment per task ranges from N7 to N150.

You will be performing the same task as the above-mentioned websites. Tasks such as Instagram like and comment, Facebook likes, Twitter retweet, etc.

You can make lots of money online from nairaworkers in Nigeria. However, there are not enough jobs on this platform to do all day long.

Registration on nairaworkers is free.

4. ViralTrend

This is another online money-making site in Nigeria. You can receive all your earnings on this website to your Nigeria bank account. Payment per task ranges from N3 to N6.

A simple task such as listed above is what is also carried out on this platform. A microtask like social media likes and followers, app installation, simple signup, etc. Tasks are available on this website every hour.

However, registration on viral trends isn’t free. There are two major registration package anyone that want to make money on viral trend have to purchase. Either the N500 package or the N1,500 package. If you register with the N1,500 package, you’ll get more jobs with a higher amount than if you purchase the N500 package.

Additionally, a 50% sign-up bonus will be given to you if you refer your friends to viral trends through your referral link.

5. Owodaily

This is another Nigerian website that pays daily for every task performed. Payments are also made to your Nigeria bank account. Each task on owodaily ranges from N8 to N5,000.

Micro jobs such as social like and follow, simple registrations, YouTube subscriptions, etc are some of the tasks available on this website. However, there are not enough tasks on this website to keep anyone busy all day long.

It cost N3,000 to register on owodaily. The payment is a one-time payment and you can make much more. There are ten different ways by which you can make money on owodaily, check it out HERE.

Additionally, you will be rewarded with N1,600 for referring anyone to this website after the person had registered with N3,000 using your referral link.


The 5 websites mentioned above will make you lots of money by simply performing microtask. However, it will take some time and effort to make a substantial amount of money from all these websites.

To make a monthly income from these online money-making sites, register on all 5 websites and perform tasks daily. Also, click on each of the websites listed above to register.

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